Alumni Official Launch

Business/ 06.October.2016

Preserving Our Legacy Into The Future

Today marks a journey of a thousand miles, an exciting milestone – we are
finally launching the Milpark Business School Alumni Association.

Many questions have been asked before When will Milpark have vibrant
alumni? When will Milpark have a highly visible brand out there? The ordinary
citizens would often ask, are you studying at Milpark hospital? Eish


Sandile Hogana, President
of Milpark Business Alumni Association

Master Of Ceremonies:

Milpark Staff & Alumni

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Where Do You Start?

The above questions show that there is a lot of curiosity around Milpark. As we all know that our school is the number one private MBA provider in South Africa and is constantly ranked in the top 5 across all MBA programs.

Our Alumni are occupying influential positions in the corporate sector and entrepreneurial world. The key question remains – how are we leveraging this?

The time has come to take the Milpark brand to another level.
The time has come to strengthen the relations between the Alumni and the School. We operate in a very competitive environment and it is imperative that one adapt accordingly and ensure relevance for a sustained period of time. And in an effort to build a strong and respectable brand, we need to tap into existing resources.

And today, we want to create a long-lasting legacy and hence we are all sitting here as Alumni to witness that.

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Alumni Association Purpose

The purpose of the Alumni association is to support the vision and mission of Milpark Education. The association will facilitate this purpose through a variety of social, academic and career-oriented activities.

Some of the notables:
• Building industry and alumni relations (bridging the gap),
• Develop socially responsible ventures,
• Interact socially through fellowship and networking.

We have a line-up of activities for the year and as follows:

  • Quarterly engagement sessions
  • Entrepreneurship days 
  • Milpark Graduate Profile publication
  • Mentorship programme
  • Alumni blogs

To ensure the sustainability of the Alumni Association, we are putting together the value proposition for prospective sponsors and of course, generous donations and membership fees will also be encouraged from you as Milpark Alumni.

On the recent financial mail publication for MBA survey, our graduates are regarded as “high quality” – well rounded, demonstrate leadership, are
ethical orientated, mature & flexible. And it is in this vain that we need to forge forward with the alumni association to ensure high visibility of Milpark brand to the outside world.


“As professionals, you occupy an important place in all the countries of our region and have the responsibility to choose whether you focus exclusively on your personal advancement or do so as you use your training and considerable talent to help change our societies and Africa for better” Said Thabo Mbeki.

It is of tantamount importance in that we make an impact wherever we are. The MBA that you have acquired mustn’t just be a nice to have, but it must be of significant value to you and society at large.